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Cash Offer Queens

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Cash Offer Queens, a real estate company specializing in providing fast and fair cash offers, has utilized a Podio CRM system for several years. However, as their business expanded, they encountered challenges in effectively managing their property transactions. They reached out to StreamlineREI seeking possible solutions to improve their processes. During discussions, they expressed the need to incorporate rehab project management features into their CRM. 

The current manual data entry in spreadsheets proved ineffective, and they desired a centralized system to track expenses associated with their renovation projects. Cash Offer Queens inquired if developing a custom property management system within their current Podio CRM was feasible. After thoroughly understanding their existing Podio CRM setup, we assured them that renovation project management customization was possible.


Cash Offer Queens faced a range of challenges as their real estate business expanded and their property transactions multiplied. The following pain points were hindering their ability to effectively manage their operations:

Inefficient Data Entry

The reliance on manual data entry in spreadsheets proved to be a time-consuming and error-prone process. It led to inconsistencies, delays, and difficulties in tracking critical information related to property transactions.

Lack of Centralized System

The absence of a centralized system made it challenging for Cash Offer Queens to track and manage expenses associated with their renovation projects. This resulted in fragmented data and hindered their ability to gain comprehensive insights into project costs and profitability.

Limited Project Management Capabilities

The existing Podio CRM system lacked the specific features needed to manage rehab projects efficiently. Cash Offer Queens needed a solution that would enable them to streamline their renovation processes, from tracking expenses to monitoring project timelines and milestones.

Customization Requirement

Recognizing the unique needs of their business, Cash Offer Queens sought a solution that could be tailored to their specific requirements. They wanted to integrate rehab project management features into their existing Podio CRM system to create a comprehensive and centralized solution.


After considering all the aspects of their CRM modification requirements, we developed a custom feature within Podio CRM. The property management feature included a new category named as Vendors and Contractors. This category allowed them to add and track vendor information, including contact details, services provided, and more.

Insurance & Dumpster

We have also added insurance and dumpster categories to address the challenge related to insurance and dumpster-related tasks. The new categories included separate fields for Insurance Ordered, Insurance Policy Cost, and Insurance Paid status. Conversely, COQ can order a dumpster, add the Cost, and update dispatched status under the Dumpster category. In addition to new categories, the Property Mgmt Notes field was also included, which allowed them to add notes related to the property management tasks.

To further enhance the CRM, our team added a category right below Utilities, named Vendors and Contractors. This allowed Cash Offer Queens to track vendor information related to utility services. Additionally, a new field entitled Utilities Notes was added to keep track of any notes related to utilities tasks.


Cash Offer Queens managed their renovation projects more efficiently with the new features and categories added to the property management system. They could track vendor information, including contact details and services provided, in a more organized and efficient way. The new categories related to insurance and dumpster allowed them to track and manage these expenses easily. At the same time, the Property Mgmt Notes field helped them keep track of all associated notes.

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