Effective social media marketing practices for realtors

As digitalization continues to evolve, more businesses are basing their marketing strategy off of social media. Regardless of the industry the business comes from, in the world of today the use of digital platforms is essential to grow your business online and enhance your online presence. Similarly, from the real estate’s perspective social media is a very important platform and asset for realtors all over the world. 

Effective use of social media is key to finding potential prospects and generating leads. It has the capacity to save one’s time while enabling you to achieve instant success, with little to no hassle involved. Additionally, it is a great way for real estate agents to grow their market online by adding updated listings in the market. Digital marketing is considered as a business booster in terms of real estate marketing, significantly driving traffic and increasing conversion rates in the long run.

 If you’re a realtor who wishes to make an impact by creating a name in the world of real estate, you must improve your online presence in order to achieve extended brand awareness. Start by making use of the right mediums and social media platforms to boost your business instantly, while receiving desired results and a higher return on investment (ROI). Remember as you market on social media or add newer listings of a specific area, be sure to incorporate the rise in value of the market, for instance, the growth in property rates and acquisition in the area. This lures in cautious buyers and sellers who wish to determine the rightful worth of their investments, years from now. 

In a nutshell it is not wrong to say that without social media, realtors can find it highly challenging to find leads and establish a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers. That is why we have prepared effective social media practices for all you realtors out there. These common practices are often overlooked, which is why some of us miss the mark with our real estate marketing. Start growing your business with us by using some of the following platforms to gain recognition among peers and increasing credibility of your brand. 


Facebook is a renowned platform amongst the top realtors when it comes to increasing leads, leaving a high impact or just simply reaching out to a wider audience. The primary step to nailing your Facebook posts must involve creating a Facebook business page. Ensure the page is attractive and worthy enough to grab viewers’ attention. A first impression can do a lot more than you would expect, therefore, your page from a holistic view should not only look professional but must also contain rich, concise and accurate content.

While creating posts for your Facebook page, always be sure to post with images and videos. Nothing speaks better than uploading some aesthetic pictures of your new listing just as posting an informative video that addresses some common questions asked by most buyers and sellers. Posting content regularly is key to engaging your audience, whether it merely involves a single picture post paired with a one-liner caption, remember it’s the littlest of things that leave a big impact. Not only do you retain your follower’s and their attention, but you also get to expand your audience significantly.


As we speak today, it is safe to say Instagram is undoubtedly the most used and preferred app amongst millennials and gen z. If your niche caters to young individuals specifically, Instagram is your best shot at finding potential leads and attracting more customers.  To start off, Instagram is super for real estate agents when it comes to posting pictures of their newest listings. The ‘aesthetic content’ trend has stuck around longer than we would expect, and it looks like it’s gonna stay that way for quite some time now. Keeping this in view, you can attract many clients by consistently posting catchy content on your Instagram stories, while ensuring regular posting of marketing listings and updates. Strengthen your business online by enjoying your time on Instagram, connecting with newer prospects and engaging your followers as you go. If every business gets to take advantage of this platform, so why not realtors too? With over 1.386 billion users worldwide Instagram is the ideal platform for realtors looking to increase leads, ensure you reap the most of it with some of these useful features and tips

  • Smart demographics– keep up with the shifts in user demographics, to smartly post content. With over 59% of users that fall between the 18-29 age bracket, know that this is the most probable demographic to purchase and convert relative to the under 18 age bracket. It is recommended to use Instagram stories to attract those of younger age.
  • Attractive hashtags– Hashtags are a great way to adorn your post. Not only does it look super trendy and fun, but it helps users to navigate your post. Remember to use relevant, catchy hashtags and avoid excessive use of them.
  • Carousel ads– An exciting way to post pictures of your new listings is through carousel ads. These call for multiple pictures that can be viewed upon swiping. You can choose to post pictures of the same ad or of multiple ones, depending on your preference.
  • Catchy content- Remember that the content you post must always be catchy. Avoid pairing your posts with excessive use of words, rather choose your words wisely. Ensure your content is concise, informative and of course catchy!


Another popular app that is emerging upon professionals and intellectuals is Linkedin. While Linkedin may not call for as much informal interaction as Instagram and Facebook. It is still an ideal way for social selling as it can provide buyer seller information. 

Linkedin is a suitable medium for real estate agents who wish to approach their leads professionally or are catering to professionals only with their available listings. Whether you wish to make a purchase or dispose of your property, LinkedIn is a great source to achieve that. Not to mention, realtors even have the opportunity to generate new leads and have a better chance at connecting with potential buyers and sellers online.

Additionally, Linkedin is a splendid place to share your personal life experience among young aspirants who are looking to dive into the real estate industry. Connect with peers through this platform and learn more from what they have to say, lastly, be sure to implement it on them and we bet the results will shock you.


You may be taken aback as we put YouTube in the list, why it may seem absurd because you don’t really get to create posts on Facebook. However, despite that you have a lot to do with video content posting and now the new YouTube #Shorts.

YouTube is a popular and easy way to market your property to the masses. Effective video home tours not only build your profile as we are in the midst of a pandemic, but the added views gain recognition for the video uploads. With billions of videos posted every day and countless users, marketing your listings through YouTube facilitates realtors with the epic chance to showcase their property, similar to other social media channels, but however is more effective. Similar to other social media marketing channels, YouTube has great influence over a client’s purchasing matter.

As per a survey, 64% of customers are automatically lured in after watching a YouTube video. The use of videos by realtors ensure the clients are fully aware of the listing, and the emphasis given on little detail can sometimes go a long way. It influences the purchase decision of the client as they are briefly walked through all the steps to a successful house purchase. 

In a world where pictures and excessive written content can be seen as exhausting and overrated, YouTube videos are a powerful way for realtors to connect to property buyers and sellers in an engaging and interactive manner. 


We believe it is safe to say that the ultimate platform for netizens worldwide is Twitter. This is a fast social media channel that calls for frequent and quick updates from the real world. Businesses from the real estate industry tend to use Twitter to stay up to date with the latest minute-by-minute trends in the market. Twitter allows you to post a lot faster than any other platform. Property pictures, announcements and trends are some of the things that can be posted by a realtor to gain attention and increase conversions.

Driving traffic to your web page is one of the primary goals that must be achieved through your social media marketing strategy. Latest searches and hashtags enable users to sort through multiple posts before finally stumbling upon yours. 

Smart tactics that must be considered when expanding your business on Twitter;

  • Selecting clients
  • Setting your target.
  • Retaining the attention of your followers and gaining new ones in the long run simultaneously. Sufficiently using short videos and posting engaging content regularly for the purpose of generating new leads. 
  • Assess your activity on Twitter and evaluate the performance of your posts to act and upload content accordingly. 

Now that you are aware of all there is to effective social media practices, it is time that you implement them and make the most out of their real estate business. However, if you are struggling between your tasks and are unable to post optimized content on social media, hiring an experienced, professional agency is key to handling all of your posts, uploads and tasks. is an ideal agency that has gained immense recognition in the past few years of its launch. Not only is it real estate specialized, but the exceptional range of services (that includes digital marketing) offered are bound to efficiently automate tasks and handle your social media prospects. Good luck!

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Effective social media marketing practices for realtors

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