Importance of Customized Website for Real Estate Business

The importance of adapting to cutting edge technology and modern marketing methods has never been more emphasized than today. Industries around the world must comply with the standards established by netizens in order to curate a strong online presence and a credible brand image. Similarly, the real estate sector too is reliant on the impacts of the internet, and is what drives traffic, sales and attention among target audiences at times. states 9/10 homeowners resort to the internet as a primary source of research. Additionally, some stats indicated how real estate based searches experienced an uphike on Google, spiking up to 258% between 2008 and 2012. If you’re still not online, you are probably missing out on a lot. 

Being on the internet is no longer an option, rather it is a necessity as suggested by successful peers in the industry. To be a successful agent or realtor, and ensure you maintain a commendable brand image online opt for improving your business presence by starting off with a decent, user-friendly website. While regulating your social media accounts may be a good idea to create hype and gain a noteworthy following, a website drives traffic and lures in sellers who are in search of agents to sell their property, which in turn making your website noticeable among those buyers looking for real estate online. 

How crucial are websites in 2021?

As we speak of now, the outbreak of COVID-19 has led to several businesses shifting their business network online, while adhering to the precautionary measures set as per their state. Fortunately, the advancement of digitalization and automation of business activities has enabled some realtors to rise above the negative effects of the virus and has proven them to be among the victorious despite the challenging circumstances set forth.

In a world where we are making an effort to adapt to the ‘new normal,’ carrying out in-person real estate activities, site visits and face-to-face meetings with clients, for instance, is highly discouraged and is a risk on its own. Having a website in this day and age, is more of a necessity than a luxury. Not only does it generate leads and create connections worldwide, but it curates a strong presence online that is required to stay ahead of competitors.       

The importance of a real estate website template

When we say creating a website for your real estate business is absolutely essential, we don’t refer to just any website. Sure you can always seek inspiration from pre-made website templates and incorporate that to your unique website design, but before you do that it is important that you measure the effectiveness of the effort you put into the chosen template. Impeccable user experience and appealing to your target audience’s aesthetics is one way to draw in attention from your customers, but did you know you can make use of effective, versatile real estate investment (REI) website templates? Not only are these sites tailor-made to the context and purpose of your business, but they tend to contain all the features required to enhance a real estate based website. From streamlining to business automation- opting for an REI website template does the trick. 

Where can I find the best real estate website templates?

However, before you get on to relying on numerous sites that state their websites are customized and optimized to their business plan, it is recommended that you refer to obtaining services from a credible real estate digital service provider, like Streamline REI. As per critic reviews, this company offers all the services that are required to take your real estate business to the next level. From digital marketing and lead generation, to Podio services and providing terrific REI website templates, they have got it all. Moreover, each of their website templates calls for ADDED customization that allows you to tweak an already REI based website even further to suit your requirements and preferences. Create a powerful impact by designing the ultimate REI website that is sure to drive traffic and significantly increase your company’s conversion rate.

Now that we’re down to the basics, let’s get into how an REI website can generate leads, create brand awareness and transform your business altogether. Still skeptical? In this article we’ll demonstrate how by briefly going over the benefits that come with creating a website for a real estate business. Regardless, of whether you are a start-up or a long-standing realtor, this is for you!                   

What a website could mean for a real estate business

 A primary component for acing your marketing strategy

A flawless marketing strategy is key towards improving your online presence and ultimately increasing your customer base. Lack of effective marketing and brand awareness could impact your business activities, that includes the real estate industry. Building a website acts as a primary component towards a successful marketing campaign as it allows realtors to make the most out of their strategy. A website promotes quality lead generation, brand awareness, drives traffic, and proves full information control throughout a buyer or seller’s journey. Investing in a user friendly, customized REI website call for effective streamlining of your business activities, allowing you to focus on other vital tasks while enhancing brand credibility. 

A high quality website is likely to grab attention from your target audience, which may lead to a conversion. Creating a positive first impression on visitors is vital to encourage users to stay and browse about your site, in fact it takes 50 Milliseconds to make a good first impression during a website visit, so ensure you make one that lasts. Pay a small price for the website and reap higher benefits along with a sound marketing strategy.   

 Higher ROI

Websites that are easy to navigate and are user friendly are preferred among the audience. While you opt for creating a real estate website, ensure it is created with all the specialized features that sets it apart from ordinary templates. Always remember, a single lead generated from your website is likely to account for the cost of creating and hosting your website for a year. Therefore, you can easily expect to see higher return on investment in the long run as you launch your website. 

Improve online presence

Did you know almost 90% of buyers begin their search online for potential properties before referring to other sources. Lack of a functional website would mean your business is close to being virtually nonexistent that could act as a hindrance towards acquiring more clients and opportunities. Websites call for lost-cost advertising that is readily noticeable to masses who opt for a quick search on the web.

Having a website would mean no compulsory hours, that allows your clients to find your real estate website anywhere, anytime, seven days a week. This allows for an expanded base for you to reach out to clients you may have not even personally met. An improved web presence enhances visibility, making you the go-to real estate business to refer to.

Curate a credible brand image

While several realtors believe social media might be ‘sufficient’ towards building a commendable profile and attracting masses from all over, unfortunately social media may not be able to do much especially if a business lacks credibility. A credible brand image comes with a full-fledge website, it is important to not confuse this with a single page profile as your firm appears under an umbrella brand instead of your own sole brand. This would mean minimal control for your company as the umbrella brand regulates your lead, while you are simultaneously in constant competition with other companies operating under the same brand.

It is best to start building your online presence with your own brand’s website to begin with, to gain a positive image and recognition among peers and an expanded customer base. 

Generate organic traffic and leads 

For a real estate business lead generation and nurturing is a primary and challenging objective to achieve. A website allows you to generate organic leads automatically by driving traffic, without the requirement of making phone calls sending out mails manually. 

To do this is actually pretty simple, all you need to do is ensure you maintain a commendable website while optimizing visibility over reputable search engines, ultimately gaining exposure for your company as potential buyers may come across your site during a home search. Also be sure to add CTA’s and a contact us form on to your site, converting your visitors into leads. Be sure to ask for basic contact information details for a lead follow up opportunity. 

Using it as your listings portfolio

Long gone are the days when sharing a listing with your customers would mean publishing blurry, black and white images in a periodic magazine or newspaper, that are surrounded by other similar listings- all on the same page. This is an inefficient obsolete method and it is now time to adapt to modern ways of reaching out to your customers.

When creating your website, ensure you designate an entire section or a couple of web pages that will display your real estate and property descriptions effectively. Customize this web page by creating tailor made campaigns for your properties, uploading high-res aesthetic property photos paired with catchy captions and detailed descriptions. If you are limited on space, consider using clickable links for a more interactive experience with your users. Your listings must be shareable for free in order to spread the word and increase customer reach, you can achieve this through external social media page links, other sites, community website or anything that may make the most out of your marketing tactics. 

Ensure exceptional customer services 

Finally, something that we cannot just miss is the fact how a good website regulates a seamless communication and an exceptional customer experience. When a customer visits your site it is essential that you facilitate them with all the assistance they require during their time spent on your website. Your customer must be comfortable with the user friendly website and should be able to navigate easily around web pages. User friendliness is a crucial feature that must be integrated with every real estate website. Besides, who else would want slow web pages that take forever to load? Always remember a customer well served, is a customer earned. 

By now we believe you understand how important it is to have a customized website for your business, that is optimized according to the real estate industry and as per what the audience desires to see. If you are having trouble picking the right REI website template, or are looking for ways to drive traffic to your site through digital marketing, do not hesitate to get in touch with  StreamlineREI . that provides top notch real estate based services that are guaranteed to taking your company and website to a whole new level.

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