Social Media and Real Estate in 2021

Remember when only big names in the industry were associated with having a credible image on social media with countless followers and reach? Well, now it has expanded it to the extent where social media is no longer considered as a third world form of marketing and reaching out to prospects. From start-ups to business tycoons, every company is in a constant struggle to appeal to their target audience in the most effective way possible.

As social media and digitalization continues to evolve, businesses from every industry worldwide are trying to adapt to the standards set by netizens towards maintaining a credible brand image. This does not leave the Real Estate sector too far off, realtors and agencies have now acknowledged the importance of social media and the impact of it that can engage millions of potential leads and can increase conversion rates significantly. Essentials such as ad campaigns for brand awareness and seamless communication have never been easier than with the advancement of social media networks. 

If you currently own or happen to be part of a real estate business and are looking forward towards expanding your business online leveraging the power of social media, this article will go over some recommended platforms for social media marketing and how it can impact your real estate business and empower your marketing strategy. 

Is social media marketing still relevant for realtors in 2021?

Absolutely! While a lot of people may undermine the opportunities social media can bring to a real estate business, especially as it may be considered as an ‘obsolete’ practice, or something that is already being done by many, Social media in all its ways can still pave the way for real estate companies, bringing NEW prospects and leads every time. The trick lies in following appropriate timing and setting accurate algorithms so you are able to reach your target audience effortlessly. 

Don’t just go with our word, as per a recent study conducted by the  National Association of Realtors social media has become a vital to closing deals and gaining clients across the industry, important stats to consider from the extract are:

  • 77% of realtors resort to social media in one way and purpose or another 
  • 47% of real estate business have acknowledged how social media contributes to quality leads relative to other lead generation sources 
  • As compared to in-person referrals 99% of millennials begin their search for a home online  

Coping with the effects of COVID-19 on real estate businesses

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, businesses have resorted to continuing operations online and the importance of social media has become more significant than ever. Particularly with the real estate industry, in-person business and meetings has been almost entirely affected which has always been seen as an essential element for realtors. From scheduling client meetings and house tours, the precautionary measures of COVID-19 had made it almost impossible to conduct in-person business activities normally. Fortunately, some realtors were able to make a mark and pull through such circumstances by leveraging social media to their benefit, just in time before business operations were severely affected. 

While we still try to adapt to the ‘new normal’ it is recommended that realtors and agencies who are still drawing back on the effectiveness of social media, must realize the potential it holds to transform a business and reach out to a wider customer base, despite such challenging times. Read through the rest of this article as we walk you through some of the most effective social media platforms to use that are guaranteed to take your business to a whole new level. 

Effective social media platforms for real estate

Social media comes with vast platforms where one network may prove to be more effective than the other, depending on the industry. For real estate we understand how you can be crazy busy, therefore, it is crucial to prioritize your time spent on social media marketing platforms that can be the most beneficial for your business. 

The NAR study noted realtor’s top social media picks, with Facebook being preferred by 97%, followed by LinkedIn at 59%, and Instagram at 39%.


Facebook being one of the long-standing platforms to exist in the market is no brainer when it comes to being a constant social media platform real estate agents resort to. This is primarily due to the effective Facebook user demographics that allows the business to cater to their target audience for any real estate business age, or through income-wise selections. 

The business features Facebook represents are perfect for real estate businesses and is just as effective as identifying common spots your audience is likely to hang out.

The art of mastering Facebook for realtors lies in the techniques used. For instance, Facebook allows users to schedule appointments with your clients online, ensure seamless communication with customers, publish the latest listing content and updates and curate reviews all in a unified platform.

Moreover, Facebook comes with the spectacular ‘Facebook ads; that allow businesses to target demographics directly and appeal to those users who may have shown certain interest in buying property within your area. 


LinkedIn is often regarded as the ultimate B2B network, and while you may be able to pull a few real estate clients, you can do a lot more with LinkedIn than just that.

It serves as an excellent place to get in touch with peers and fellow realtors, where you can learn from their experiences, adapt unique tips and tricks and showcase your impeccable industry experience. 

As LinkedIn allows the placement of digital resume for individual realtors to reach out to prospects online, many real estate businesses create company profiles and pages enabling employees to share opportunities or vice versa. 

Though you may not have to spend much time on this platform, it is advised to set up a company page to enhance your online presence, while staying in touch with the latest industry buzz. 


Instagram is a terrific way for realtors to connect with their audience and boast about their company’s experience and success rate through testimonials and reviews, gaining credibility for their brand. Allow customers to get up close and personal by posting current and future property insights and listings to increase lead generation and don’t forget to post about open houses and sales to attract your audience

Additionally, realtors can update their audience with daily property updates on their Instagram stories, and can even post sneak-peak videos for house tours to create hype being for the listing hits the market. Similar to Facebook, Instagram to comes with handy features that reach out to a relevant customer base effectively, promoted posts on Instagram and boost your reach significantly and appeal to customers worldwide or for a specific area. 

Leaving it to the professionals

Keeping all of these aspects in mind, if you not already it is time that you resort to social media to engage your prospects and improve your online presence. If you are having trouble managing all your marketing tasks at once, we recommend referring to experienced professionals that offer exceptional streamlining, digital marketing and business automation services that are tailor-made for your real estate business. 

StreamlineREI for instance, provides its clients with effective real estate digital marketing solutions, in addition to other customized real estate services that are guaranteed to take your business to a whole new level. Get in touch with  StreamlineREI today to know more!

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